Local solutions to flooding
Local solutions to flooding

Webinar: Success with Stormwater Fees

This webinar, held September 12, 2018, provides specific successful and leading-edge examples of how communities have supported their stormwater programs using stormwater fees. Hear about successes, challenges, and lessons learned from stormwater fees from speakers in Philadelphia, Santa Monica, and Abilene, Texas.


  • Philip Pickering, Engineering Supervisor; and Mike Romankiewicz, GIS Supervisor (Philadelphia Water Department, Pennsylvania)
  • Neal Shapiro, Watershed Management Program Coordinator; and Curtis Castle, Principal Civil Engineer (City of Santa Monica, California)
  • Srini Valavala, Stormwater Services Administrator (City of Abilene, Texas)

User Fee Funded Stormwater Programs (Water Environment Federation, 2013): A basic guidance manual for establishing a local stormwater utility.