Elections matter. The people we elect to represent us – from the White House to the State House to City and Town Council – hold tremendous power over our lives. 

We also believe that a free, fair, and equitable political process is essential to advancing protections that are critical to our health, our environment, and future generations. To achieve this, we must ensure that all people can safely participate in our elections and actively combat voter suppression tactics that most often target people of color.

Key Election Dates

May 17 - Deadline to register to vote in the Primary Election

May 31 - Deadline to apply for mail-in ballot for the Primary Election

June 3-5 - Early in-person voting for Primary Election

June 7 - Primary Election Day and deadline for mail-in ballots to be received

October 18 – Deadline to register to vote in the General Election

October 29-November 6 – Early in-person voting is open for the General Election

November 1 – Deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot by mail for General Election

November 8 – General Election Day and deadline for mail-in ballots to be received

Together with our partners at New Jersey League of Women Voters, New Jersey Institute of Social Justice, NJ NAACP, and New Jersey Working Families, we created this short, animated video to break down just how easy, safe, and secure voting in New Jersey is this year.


Puedes ver la versión en español del video aquí.

For more information, go to VOTE.NJ.GOV.