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Transportation is key to the welfare and quality of life of New Jersey residents. The future of New Jersey’s economy relies on the efficient and sustainable movement of people and goods around the region, yet the transportation sector is the State’s largest source of emissions.

Primary Concerns:

  • New Jersey does not currently follow a strong “fix-it first” roadway maintenance mandate.
  • DOT level of service analysis does not provide alternative ways to address capacity that does not default to widening a roadway.
  • Shared mobility pilots are getting stuck in the pilot phase.
  • There is no dedicated funding source for NJ Transit in New Jersey’s annual budget.
  • Policies that center cars before people are prohibitive to biking and walking, making reducing emissions by taking cars off the road more difficult.
  • Without new sources of funding, state-level electrification and emissions reduction goals will take longer to achieve.

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New Jersey LCV Education Fund greatly appreciates each organization’s contributions and valued expertise shared in this effort as well as the immeasurable commitment put forward to protecting New Jersey’s environment:.

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